The power of RBH engine can be harnessed through a sophisticated API simplifying the integration to few moving parts. Many tech savvy firms like High Frequency Traders, automated Market Makers, etc. have enough talent and resources to aggregate positions in real time with market data. A WCF call to RBH Direct with aggregated positions would trigger RBH report creation and distribution. This solution provides best of both worlds by eliminating the charges/tech support on FIX drops, market data, and OCC file charges. There is no need to spend on maintenance as the daily loading of OCC PL files, SPAN, ETF composition files will be taken care by MiddleLink. Further, as this is an on-demand call, timing can be fully controlled by RBH client with customized distributions of report creation timing like RBH report for every one minute for the 20 minutes around the open/close of trading day and every three minutes for the rest of the day.