Prime Plus

Millions of transactions across multiple prime brokers. So many nuances and kinks in data. Each trading firm having a plethora of rules.
Who is going to assimilate and provide consolidated profitability reports custom built to your firm? Welcome to Prime Plus, the pioneering profitability reporting solution for trading industry.

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Risk Based Haircut

Risk Based Haircut has been a corner stone application for over two decades for any firm trading on margin. Last few years had brought in dramatic changes in the way regulators and trading firms perceive risk management especially from compliance perspective. Gone are the days of running overnight numbers or even intraday positions with overnight OCC PL numbers every hour.

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Advantages of RBH Direct

The power of RBH engine can be harnessed through a sophisticated API simplifying the integration to few moving parts. Many tech savvy firms like High Frequency Traders, automated Market Makers, etc. have enough talent and resources to aggregate positions in real time...

Pioneer in Payout

Imagine a race car driver driving a race car at high speeds with a broken speedometer. Nearly improbable in today's world, but this is the day-to-day scenario at many of the Prop Trading Firms and Hedge Funds. Executions do happen at high frequency, but the actual...

One Book, Many Primes

Trading firms typically prime with more than one Prime Broker for various reasons. The reasons may be access to different markets stock loan capabilities, enhanced leverage, etc. as decided mainly by the factors of interest to front office/trading desk. When...