RBH for Proprietary Broker Dealers and Market Makers:


Prop trading firms and market makers use this product to prove their compliance with SEC rule 15c3-1. With intraday reports generated automatically every few minutes highlights the efforts taken by a firm to be in compliance but also as a great tool in monitoring the risk for the entire firm in aggregated basis. Reports can be generated with overnight position & OCC PL file or real-time separately for each of the institution type. Following are the asset classes / salient features of MiddleLink RBH product:


  • RBH Core
    • RBH Core module
      • Equities, Equity Options, Single Stock Futures
      • Index Futures, Index Options
    • Para-J
    • International Equities and Foreign Currencies
    • Limited and Preferred securities
    • Convertible securities ADR, M&A Arbitrage
    • Appendix A OTC options & newly listed options
  • Stock Basket
    • Domestic
    • International
  • What-If
    • Simulate and evaluate your own scenario with positions and market price
    • Juxtapose the scenarios with real time position of the firm
    • Play with new positions for hedge to reduce haircut charges
  • Calculate Net Cap utilization charges for each client and charge in trader payout
  • Aggregate a set of accounts and calculate haircut charges to identify/manage risk


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