Features of Prime Plus for Hedge Funds:


Running a Hedge Fund is a tough business. Hedge funds had evolved from US centric equity/option trading to a more complex business in seeking better alpha. Trades occur in multiple currencies, countries and asset classes across many prime brokerage accounts. In spite of spending millions, having a consolidated report looks like insurmountable task. MiddleLink Prime Plus for Hedge Funds consolidates data across multiple prime brokers and creates a combined Profit & Loss, Currency Balance, Net Positions, and Account Value reports across asset classes (Domestic, International, Futures, Swap, FX). Account values change report tracks security level P&L changes on a daily basis facilitating smooth reconciliation from the beginning equity to the ending equity.


  • Daily Account Value that includes all the Gross and net exposure across asset classes
  • Currency balance exposure report by the top level to the individual sub account level
  • Mark to Market P&L on a daily basis from the fund level to individual security level
  • Positions and Market values across asset classes
  • Transaction and position history
  • Reconciliation
    • OMS Vs Prime positions
    • OMS P&L Vs Calculated Daily P&L by security
    • Dividend Accrual Vs Payment
    • Swap Payment reconciliation
    • Clearing Expense
    • Margin Interest
    • Short borrow charges


The operations group can easily track the day to day change in Equity using the reports and identify any issues before the start of the next trading day.


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