Features of Prime Plus for Agency Broker Dealers:


Agency Broker Dealer is a highly competitive business with revenue streams realized through monetization of research reports by research analysts, high touch execution by Registered Rep/Trader as well as facilitation. MiddleLink Prime Plus for Agency Broker calculates profit and loss by keeping track of revenue/cost across the roles. Payout reports are interactive analytical tools to figure out the profitable relationship between sales person, client and research analysis.


  • Revenue tracking including the Commission, CMTA Options, and Facilitation trading Profit and Loss for each sales person and client
  • Track all the execution expense, clearing expense, Market data, FIX Connectivity and T&E expenses for sales person and the clients
  • Easy to setup the commission sharing across multiple sales person
  • Setup up Budget details by client and sales person and compare against the revenue
  • Extensive reporting of revenue and Payout by:
    • Client or Sales person
    • Industry and Sector
    • Region
    • Client types
    • Symbol
    • Analyst Coverage
    • Revenue and Volume


All the above reports are available for daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly time periods


  • Setup recurring and adjustment journals
  • Payout report for Sales person and research analyst for the month end
  • Sales person to client coverage report
  • Management reports that compares the revenue between similar time frames and against the budgets


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