Features of Prime Plus for Proprietary Trading Firms:


Proprietary trading is a thin margin business with few unaccounted costs might tip the balance against the business.  Prime Plus for Prop Trading tracks revenue/cost data points at transaction/account level and can be aggregated by sophisticated models custom fit to your business. With Trader Payout, CFO can track the firms profitability next day as compared to 40+ days after each month end relying on Excel or other manual methods. Better yet, each trader can be given a traders payout report updating daily taking the pressure off the CFO and providing better self-governance.


  • Markups across Commission, Margin Interest, Short rebates and track the revenue and expenses between different levels of the firm at each revenue category. (Trader, Desk or Group, Firm and Clearing firm level)
  • Track all the costs such as Market data entitlement charges, seat charges, T&E in addition to the traditional execution and clearing costs.
  • Setup Monthly and quarterly accrual of Miscellaneous expenses
  • Setup above and below line expenses in order to track the true profitability
  • Setup Profit split across traders, group, firm and track P&L at each level on a T+1 basis
  • Application is given to the various users (Trader, Operations, management) with proper security entitlements so that all the parties see the numbers on daily basis so that the issues are corrected on a daily basis and month end payout will be seamless.
  • Powerful drill down report to look at the data from the Yearly top level to the individual daily security level P&L
  • Customizable hierarchy of the firm to suit the business structure
  • Time coded deal/rate structure for each hierarchical level
  • Highly interactive analytical reports with easy export/print functionality
  • Run What-If functionality to come up with better deal structures for improved profitability


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