CMTA Direct


As the annual US listed option contract volumes have more than doubled to 4.2 billion between 2007 and 2014, the technology and industry practices regarding CMTA billing have not properly evolved in 20 plus years. Our mission is focused on automating and streamlining a very labor intensive process, while accelerating the commission payment process. CMTA Direct is a complete billing solution for Executing Brokers, Prime Brokers/Clearing Firms and their mutual Customers.


Welcome to CMTA Direct a user friendly network providing all interested parties real time access to their commissions, disputes, invoicing and payment information. CMTA Direct utilizes aT+2 exception based process to highlight the items for your attention while the majority of the workflow processes straight through including the generation of monthly invoices. Complete flexibility within the invoice and reporting processes can accommodate multiple billing cycles intra month.


MiddleLink CMTA is a turn-key product with a variety of hosting options dictated by each firm independently. Daily data files are uploaded to each client’s personal database either by SFTP or via the user interface. Trade details are only stored on each client’s personal database to insure data security.